All You Need to Know About Minnesota’s North Star Lake

Experience the natural beauty of the Northwoods at North Star Lake. North Star Lake is a part of the Chippewa National Forest, and the 15 miles of shoreline is undeveloped. There are only a few resorts on this lake and you will not see many cabins or properties lining the shore. You will truly feel like you are in the wilderness on this large lake of 832 acres.


North Star Lake is full of fascinating wildlife. While you stay in your cozy cabin at Big Timber Resort, you’ll be just across the lake from the same wildlife you’d see in the Boundary Waters. You will see multiple pairs of nesting loons, many deer, beavers, songbirds, and many more Northwoods animals. One of the best parts of North Star Lake is the eagles you’ll see. Itasca county has the highest population of bald eagles in the state. Just remember to observe the water and the sky - you never know what you’ll see!


North Star Lake has many bays, and with a max depth of about 90 feet, it’s one of the best kept fishing destinations in the state of Minnesota. Anglers can expect to catch a variety of great fish including Muskie, Brown Bullhead, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, and many more. North Star Lake is especially touted for the Muskie and Walleye fishing that keep Minnesota fishermen coming back year after year. There is boat ramp access on the lake, but if you stay at Big Timber Resort, you can bring your own boat or use the resort’s. 


This lake is not just for fishing and wildlife watching. Kids can swim in this beautiful lake, and there are plenty of toys that are fun to use on the water. Big Timber Resort offers pontoon rentals and a variety of other ways to enjoy time on the lake as well. This is definitely a family friendly lake. Perhaps our favorite way to enjoy the lake is to watch the incredibly beautiful summer sunsets while we fire up a bonfire for you to roast some s’mores. Book your next Big Timber getaway today!

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All You Need to Know About Minnesota’s North Star Lake

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